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Charles LaFond Pottery

Stoneware Urns, Tableware and Tea with the Potter

A local fundraiser and award-winning author, Charles LaFond's pottery has Asian tones with rich glazes and quiet, lovely forms after a 40-year pottery career.


Regular hours:

By appointment.


1660 Roberta Ave., Freeland, WA, 98249

Driving directions:

Located in Freeland. From Hwy 525, go 1 block south of the Freeland stoplight and turn onto Harbor Ave. Turn left immediately onto Roberta Ave between Whidbey Island Bank and Wells Fargo Bank. Drive straight ahead past the WAIF Thrift Store to the large pole building and my studio at the Freeland Art Studios. There is ample parking around the studio.
Phone: 360-210-3011
Charles LaFond
Charles LaFond Pottery

I have been at my potter's wheel since 1982 and have achieved 'Master Potter' designation by throwing pots for more than 10,000 hours in a lifetime. My pottery is of the Mingei pottery tradition of Shoji Hamada and Bernard Leach - a movement of pots made simply, with little decoration but gorgeous glaze flows and designed for use. Many pots are for table-ware, however, most vessels are lidded, topped by stone finials from Whidbey Island's beaches, and used both for cookies and later, for human or pet cremains - or both - in their seasons.